In-patient Benefits

In case a member suffers an ailment, which requires hospitalization, he/she shall be entitled up to P90,000.00 ANNUAL benefit limited to P30,000.00 per disease whereas final diagnosis shall apply.

Hospitalization benefits listed as follows;

1.  Services of a Physician including surgical services
2.  Room and Board (WARD only) subject to maximum rate   of P500.00 per day. If a member avails of a hospital room   with the same category but of a higher rate than of the member’s allowable benefit, the member shall pay the excess room charges.  

3.  General Nursing Service
4.  Use of Operating room and Recovery room.
5.  Anesthesia and its administration
6.  Drug and Medication during confinement
7.  Confinement in Intensive Care Unit up to the maximum limit
8.  Other services deemed medically necessary such as but not   limited to
  a. Oxygen and its administration
  b. Dressing and plaster cast and other medical supplies
  c. Laboratory tests, x-rays and other necessary   diagnostic services 

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