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About Us

Healthbridge Medical Services, Inc.

HEALTHBRIDGE offers high-quality, customer-focused health services which are tailored to suit the needs of each of our patients. We consider health screening and associated diagnostics which are important elements for early detection, providing timely intervention in the disease prevention process. Our patient-centered practice assures you that you will receive the best possible care and attention for your medical needs.

Our History

It was March of 2012 when Mr. Alex F. Tanwangco, CEO/Owner of one of the most reputable manpower business in the Philippines, decided to venture a medical business. He appointed his children, Ms. Alma Tanwangco and Mr. Andrei Tanwangco, to lead and manage the project. Being neophytes in the medical business, the young Tanwangcos were both hesitant and undecided but took the challenge. Equipped with perseverance, skills, knowledge and additional influence by their father, they surprised everyone with their impressive ideas and remarkable opinions. Lo and Behold they named the new born company – “HEALTHBRIGE MEDICAL SERVICES, Inc.” Today, the six-year old HEALTHBRIDGE MEDICAL SERVICES, Inc has gained the trust of many reputable companies in the Philippines.

Providing you quality service customized for your needs.

We perform our duties to the best of our abilities in providing the best care for our patients.

Our Clients

Providing quality healthcare to our loyal clients for the past 7 years.

Our Affiliates

Quality assured and trusted services under one roof.

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